The Secret Is Out!!!

Look what people have been saying about The Flipper Room...

"The Flipper Room offers pristine machines for pinball enthusiasts. A hidden haunt inside the APF framing shop." - Diablo Magazine

"This is Concord's best kept secret. For us children of the 80s & 90s it's like stepping back in time, but with a fresh take and amazing variety of your favorite themes... something to delight all ages. An amazing place to hang out or have a party! Just be careful, you may not want to leave... ever! It's that much fun!" - Kristina Caspari 

"If you haven’t visited the Flipper Room in Concord you absolutely need to. The owner Mike makes sure that the pinball machines interest all age groups. The nostalgic atmosphere is majestic and exciting. Kids and adults have so much fun. They even offer a variety of pinball birthday packages for all groups." - Dorene Gomez of J. Hettinger Interiors

"Every machine is pristine and set up perfectly. A pin player's paradise." - Kirk Jones 

"This place is Valhalla for Pinball. If you don’t know that reference, it’s nerd for awesome!" - Chris Heilig

What... A Pinball Gallery?

The Flipper Room is where pinball meets picture framing.

The pinball arcade is open to the public. Dip into that change jar or bring in some bills for our change machine because our games take quarters (like they were meant to).

Prices range from $0.25 to $1.00 per game.

Come see all of the amazing art and framing that compliments our eclectic selection of pinball machines.

Check out all of the Disney and Marvel Comic art that is for sale.


What Does Pinball Have To Do With Framing?

What Does Pinball Have To Do With Framing?

What Does Pinball Have To Do With Framing?

Seemingly not a whole lot, but we like to think about pinball machines as art so we maintain them as such. 

APF employs many artists with varying skills from fine art painting to classic car restoration. These artists help with pinball machine cabinet and playfield restoration as well as part repairs.

The Flipper Room partners with Tilt Electronics (our wonderful neighbor) and The Pinball Pirate for all of the nitty gritty stuff that requires "a machine that goes bing!" 


Take Your Game Room to The Next Level

What Does Pinball Have To Do With Framing?

What Does Pinball Have To Do With Framing?

APF are experts at framing prints, posters, backglass, playfields, machine parts, or pretty much whatever. We can even make custom lit backboxes for your favorite translite or vintage backglass using LED's. 

Treat your game room to some wall art.

Make an appointment with an APF team member to frame your items.