About Us

Welcome to the world of APF...

The Flipper Room is located within APF, the Bay Area's fastest growing picture framing facility. The Flipper Room started as a showroom for framed game room art and has been taken over by pinball machines. So, we figured it is time to share.

The machines are set to coin play and there is a change machine on site for your convenience.

See our lineup here.

What Does Pinball Have To Do With Framing?

Seemingly not a whole lot, but we like to think about pinball machines as art so we maintain them as such. 

APF employs many artists with varying skills from fine art painting to classic car restoration. These artists help with pinball machine cabinet and playfield restoration as well as part repairs.

The Flipper Room partners with Tilt Electronics (our wonderful neighbor) and The Pinball Pirate for all of the nitty gritty stuff that requires "a machine that goes bing!" 

Take Your Game Room to The Next Level

APF are experts at framing backglass, playfields, machine parts, or pretty much whatever. Treat your game room to some wall art.

Make an appointment with an APF team member to frame your items.