The Little Flippers


Kids League (Ages 5-12)

The Little Flippers is for kids from ages 5-12. We have monthly meet-ups, skills classes, league play, tournaments, and/or fun games just for the little ones.

There is no upfront cost to be a Little Flipper. Some meet-ups just cost the quarters to play the games and for some meet-ups we set the machines to FREE play and there is a flat entrance fee for that session.

It is a great way for the kids to learn all about pinball and to meet like-minded peers.

October/November Selfie League

A play at your own pace league for kids.

7 pinball machines are marked with a smiley.

Play these games and record your child's score by posting it to


You can post scores from the same machine as many times as you want. Matchplay will only keep the highest score. At the end of the season there will be a playoff/tournament with prizes. The tournament will be held on Saturday November 16th at 11:00am (There is a $1 entry fee that goes to IFPA).

For more details, come into the gallery or email

Concord Selfie League

Play competitive pinball on your own schedule. 

Perfect if you can't always dedicate a set night during the week.

Meet for the end of season playoffs.

All skill levels are welcome and keep it fun.

Cross-Bridge Pinball Travel League


Fall Season 2019

September 24 - November 12

This league is 8 weeks long and gathers every Tuesday night and alternates between The Flipper Room and Vallejo Vinyl and Pinball.

All skill levels welcome.

Sept 24 @ The Flipper Room

Oct 1 @ Vallejo Vinyl & Pinball

Oct 8 @ The Flipper Room

Oct 15 @ Vallejo Vinyl & Pinball

Oct 22 @ The Flipper Room

Oct 29 @Vallejo Vinyl & Pinball

 Nov 5 @ The Flipper Room

Nov 12 @Vallejo Vinyl & Pinball

Friday Nov 15

FINALS @ The Flipper Room