Concord Selfie League

Play competitive pinball on your own schedule. 

Perfect if you can't always dedicate a set night during the week.

Meet for the end of season playoffs.

All skill levels are welcome and keep it fun.


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Cross-Bridge Pinball Travel League

Winter Season 2019

This league gathers every Tuesday night

and alternates between three locations.

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Fourth Sunday Strikes

April 28, 2019

 This will be a "Fair Strike Knockout" tournament. The total number of strikes will be 9. IFPA sanctioned event with WPPR's; 30+ Machines; $5 entry + coin drop; cash prizes for the top four finishers! Snacks & Drinks available on site for purchase.  ***BYOB***  Doors open at 11am, start time 12:30pm.

All ages and skill levels welcome!

HOW IT WORKS:  For the 1st round, players will be randomly assigned to groups of 4 (or groups of 3 if necessary). Next, a machine will be randomly assigned to each group. At the conclusion of the 1st round, strikes are given out as follows: 0 strikes for 1st place, 1 strike for 2nd/3rd, 2 strikes for 4th. It will be "0/1/2" strikes for 3 player groups. Players are eliminated when they reach 9 strikes.

For all future rounds, "Swiss pairing" will be used. This means that players with the same amount of strikes will be paired together in groups of 4 or 3. Attempts will be made to assign an arena (machine) that has been played the fewest times by all opponents, or "Balanced Arena draws". Player order for each arena will be balanced throughout the tournament as well.

Last man standing is the winner!

Hope to see you there 😀