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Concord Selfie League

Play competitive pinball on your own schedule. 

Perfect if you can't always dedicate a set night during the week.

Meet for the end of season playoffs.

All skill levels are welcome and keep it fun.


TFR League

Summer Season 2019

July 2 - August 23

This league is 8 weeks long and gathers every Tuesday night.

The Finals will be held on Friday, August 23

All skill levels welcome.

Lucky 13 Target Match Play

August 25, 2019

 Welcome to Lucky 13 Target Match Play @ The Flipper Room! The first 8 players to reach 13 points (16+ participants) will make the Playoffs. Doors open 11am, start time 12:30pm.

How it works:

- $5 entry + coin drop; cash prizes to the top 4 finishers.
- Group Match Play (4 or 3 player groups).
- Group pairings - Balanced (Players will be randomly paired with previously unfaced opponents).
- "Pinburgh" style scoring (3/2/1/0 or 3/1.5/0).
- Arena draws - Balanced.
- There will be a total of 13 machines, here is the tentative list:

Alice Cooper's Nightmare Castle
Attack from Mars (LE)
Batman 66 (Premium)
Deadpool (Pro)
Flash Gordon
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast
Star Trek TNG
The Walking Dead (Premium)
Total Nuclear Annihilation

- After 5 rounds of qualifying, the field of machines will be cut down to these 6 (or possibly 7):

Flash Gordon
Total Nuclear Annihilation

- When qualifying concludes, all 13 machines will be back for the Playoffs.
- Playoffs will be PAPA style with 4/2/1/0 or 4/2/1 scoring; top seed in each group will choose either game #1 or position. Loser of game #1 will choose game #2 or position. Same for game #3.

Check out this link for more info/updates: