Concord Selfie League

November 2019


November 1 - December 7

Don't worry... you can sign up at any time during the season. There is no deadline. This is a "play at your own pace" league. You literally play games on your own time and record them on the match play website (use the button link below).

There are 7 qualifying  machines. You must record scores on at least 3 games to make the playoffs. You can even qualify on the day of the finals. The easiest way to record scores is by saving the website to your home screen on your device. It then acts like any other app and opens straight to your account.

CSL is IFPA approved with WPPR's.

Please try to submit scores within 48 hours of taking your selfie (within 24 hrs is preferred)

Playoffs will be held on December 7th at 12:30pm.

November Qualifying Machines


Deadpool (Pro)


Metallica (Premium)


Popeye Saves The Earth