Frequently Asked Questions

What is the food and drink policy?

You are welcome to bring food into The Flipper Room, but we do not have a seating area (unless you are renting the space for a party- see events page). 

Drinks are also welcome, but please bring a covered container to keep it in.

We sell canned and bottled drinks and snack food. Prices range from $0.75 to $3.00. The selection always varies.

Please wash your hands before playing pinball!

Do you sell and/or fix pinball machines?

We are not a pinball sales company so the machines are not for sale. However, we may occasionally have an operator with a machine on site that is for sale. If so, the machine will usually be marked with their contact information. The sale would be handled through that person outside of The Flipper Room. For new Stern, JJP, and used games we recommend the Pinball Pirate.

We are not a pinball repair company either. For pinball repair we recommend Tilt Electronics or The Pinball Pirate

Can I rent The Flipper Room for a party?

Yes, there are a few options. See the events page

Do you have a change machine and/or ATM?

We have a change machine on site that takes $1's, $5's, $10's, and $20's.

We do not have an ATM machine so bring bills or quarters.

Do you have step stools for kids?

You bet! We have a handful of step stools for the little pinballers that range in size. Bring the kids out.

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