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Dirty Donny Gillies

Pinball Wizards and Blacklight Destroyers

We now distribute Dirty Donny's amazing artwork. Stop in the gallery to see these awesome works of art as they should be seen. Including original drawings.

Star Crasher


Blacklight Rebellion


Original Art by Jo Hole and Mark Joachim

"High on TFR"

Jo Hole


Mark Joachim


Mark Joachim

Pinball Glass

We stock standard size pinball glass, but can order any size for any machine. We occasionally have overstock of certain widebody sizes. 

Call or email for availability and pricing on other sizes.


The Flipper Room shirt. It's black.

Caution: You will probably attract a lot of attention while wearing this.

Miscellaneous SWAG

Buttons, Stickers, Coin Tubes, Magnets and other goodies.


Books about pinball, who would have thought? Pinball History, Art , Zines and more.